sir charles monck 1996

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sir charles monck
drawing, painting and bonding on honan, organza and habotai silks
380×90 cm

In 1995 Paddy was awarded a Northern Arts Major Award to develop new work with diaphanous fabrics, the first of which was to be shown in the Pillar Hall as part of Living at Belsay project at Belsay Hall, Northumberland, during 1996 as part of the Year […]

demeter 1997

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drawing, bonding and painting on silks

Made for Paddy’s touring exhibition In Arkadia.

Demeter, as the goddess of summer, is surrounded by her attributes, as she stands on her altar. The second image is Demeter at Belsay Hall

talecoat 1998

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drawing, painting and machine embroidery on silk & cotton velvet
National Lottery Commission & Northern Arts commission for Taffy Thomas
photograph: keith paisley

Described as a storytelling “juke-box”, all the images on the coat are of stories in Taffy’s repertoire; point at one and he will tell one. Paddy with Taffy in the Lit and Phil in Newcastle

waves counterpane 1993

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waves counterpane
250×250 cm
drawing, painting, marbling, and machine embroidery on antung silk
private collection

A marine inspired counterpane to fit a bed by Cebuan de la Rochette. It was a private commission and Paddy worked with the interior designer

punto in aria 1990

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punto in aria
drawing, painting & machine embroidery on satin, painted wood frame
collection of The Embroiderers’ Guild, Hampton Court

Punto in aria is a textile technique and the literal translation is stitching in the air, which is what the characters in this typical Feast of the Gods. Characters represented are Federico da Montefeltro, who was the Duke of […]

il rinascimento 1989

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il rinascimento
drawing, painting and machine embroidery on satin
private collection

made for the exhibition Contemporary British Embroidery at the Contemporary Textile Gallery, London. It celebrates Aquarian Paddy’s 40th birthday