the archive of work by paddy killer

It shows the broad spectrum of work produced by Paddy over the last 40 years. The latest works are first and the oldest, last. Some are commissioned for public and private locations and others purchased from exhibitions or directly from Paddy

Categories of work include:
wall hung fine art works: art textiles, drawings
3D fine art works: sculptural art textiles
work for interiors: counterpanes, pillows, plates, glass, stone
wearables: hats, shawls, waistcoats
book illustrations
graphic design for stationery, cards, leaflets

boreas 1997

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drawing, painting and bonding on silk
273×106 cm


Boreas, the god of the north wind, sits on his alter and warms his hands over a brazier. They are Paddy’s hands!

consequences of mary swift 2011

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consequences of mary swift
drawing in indian ink on silk
170×84 cm

made for the 62 Group exhibition Interventions at the Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall, Manchester. It is a life-size consequences portrait of Paddy’s maternal grandmother who taught her to sew when Paddy was 5. It illustrates Mary’s clothing throughout her long life from her birth in 1873 to […]

the topiary garden guardian 1990

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the topiary garden guardian
drawing, painting and machine embroidery on satin
painted wood frame
40×45 cm

private commission

one of the series of gardening angels

sympathy and get-well-soon cards for pets 2014

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These sympathy and get-well-soon cards for pets were commissioned by vet Lisa Kerr for her practice Vets4Pets Carlisle. The original drawings are in pen and ink on paper. Some of the animals are patients of the practice.

The pet cards are:
cat sympathy, dog sympathy, cat get well soon, dog get well soon, rabbit sympathy and get well soon, small furries sympathy and get well soon

one peugeot, two persians and paddy 1994

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one peugeot, two persians and paddy
drawing, painting, marbling and machine embroidery on silk with a painted wood frame

a self-portrait with Persians Walter and Wilfred. Uriah was Paddy’s Peugeot at the time


walled in 2010

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walled in
drawing in indian ink on silk, gesso, and bonded onto reclaimed bricks
55.5×55.5×7.5 cm


Made for the 62 Group exhibition At a Tangent at Gallery Oldham
builders working on the flat upstairs
cracked walls and ceilings
flooded bathroom
flooded bedroom and living room
mouldy walls, clothes and furniture
insurance job
fell down some steps
broken hand
living in a hotel
possessions in storage
trying to work
got asthma from the mould
Paddy’s story from the […]

demeter 1997

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drawing, bonding and painting on silks

Made for Paddy’s touring exhibition In Arkadia.

Demeter, as the goddess of summer, is surrounded by her attributes, as she stands on her altar. The second image is Demeter at Belsay Hall

attributes of dionysus 1997

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attributes of dionysus
drawing, painting and bonding on silk
sandblasted and painted wood

frame fabricated by Peter Habergham of ABS Display Graphics, Sowerby Bridge and painted by Paddy Killer for the In Arkadia touring exhibition

Each of the gods in the In Arkadia exhibition were surrounded by representations of their attributes