sex and the seaside

drawing, painting and machine embroidery
painted wood frame
260×99 cm

collection of kirklees council

Commissioned by Kirklees Council for their touring exhibition of cards by Bamforth & Co, Secrets of the Sexy Seaside Postcard. The piece depicts Bamforth’s characters as contemporary celebs on holiday in Benidorm, the new Blackpool.

They are, from left to right:
David Beckham, his missus, the Queen as Betty the barmaid, Madonna, J-Lo as the woman with a big bottom, John Prescott, Ann Widdecombe, Umi from the Kumars at no 42 as granny, George Bush, Ant and Dec as the kids, Tony Blair, Jeffrey Archer and David Dickinson as two old lags, David Brent as the silly dancer, Patsy with Spanish fizz, and Walter and Wilfred as the cute cats