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pack of twelve christmas cards with envelopes
Size A5 (210mm x 148mm)

Send Paddy’s christmas cards to your friends and family, or just frame them for festive decorations

pack contents:
una pernice e un pero (a partridge in a pear tree)
two streptopelia tartur (two turtle doves)
day 3, 14:00
four turdus merula (four calling birds)
five golden rings
six geese a-laying
seven swans a swimming
capo di natal (christmas hat)
gobble gobble gobble
corona di inverno di dante (dante’s christmas crown)
the first time we saw snow
steal a kiss under the viscum album (steal a kiss under the mistletoe)

Paddy started drawing images for her christmas cards in 1991 and they span the years up to 2013, and often represent work made in that year. The originals are in pen and ink on paper