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greetings cards on sale now

My greetings cards are now on sale from my website and at Gallagher & Turner

pack of twelve christmas cards with envelopes


Size A5 (210mm x 148mm)

these christmas cards are prints of drawings in pen and ink on paper by Paddy over the last 25 years. The subjects refer to actual pieces of work she produced during that particular year

they subjects are:
una pernice e un pero (a partridge in a pear tree)
two streptopelia tartur (two turtle doves)
day 3, 14:00 (three french hens)
four turdus merula (four calling birds)
five golden rings
six geese a-laying
seven swans a swimming
capo di natale (christmas hat)
gobble gobble gobble
corona di inverno di dante (dante’s winter wreath)
the first time we saw snow
steal a kiss under the viscum album (steal a kiss under the mistletoe)


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