About Paddy Killer

Artist Paddy Killer has an international reputation for her work. She exhibits widely and is included in many public & private collections worldwide. as well as giving lectures and teaching workshops, & working to commission. Her work is highly individual, detailed, and includes non-functional and functional pieces for interiors & wearables

sackville collars & pendants

sackville collars & pendants on exhibition
drawing on glass
drawn thread work samplers & specimens

These sackville collars are from the Richard & Edward Sackville portraits by William Larkin. They are water jet cut shapes, then drawn onto in ink. I first came across the Larkin paintings when my solo exhibition, In Arkadia, and the paintings were on show […]

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drawn thread work exhibition is open

My exhibition Drawn Thread Work – samplers & specimens is open in the Fusion Gallery, Customs House, South Shields. Scroll down their page for my bit!

“Paddy Killer draws onto all sorts of materials. In this exhibition they are glass and silk. The new experimental work on glass, some of which is then fired, is a […]

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Drawn Thread Work – samplers & specimens 1st post

The work for my exhibition at the Customs House Gallery in South Shields is ongoing. I am booked in to use the water jet cutter on 1st November.
There have been a few setbacks, but I am on track for the opening on 17th November. I have drawn 6 wall hung pieces, 8 collar shapes have […]

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Greek Thomson goes Egyptian

drawing in indian ink on silk
28.5 x 28.5
private collection

My piece of work, Greek Thomson goes Egyptian, will be in the exhibition Lines of Thought Exhibition at The Lighthouse, Glasgow 18.08.17 to 01.10.17. The exhibition celebrates the work architect Alexander “Greek” Thompson, who was born 200 years ago this year.

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The Brit & the Great Bear at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Shows

The Brit & the Great Bear is in the 62 Group exhibition, Making Space, at the Spring Knitting & Stitching Shows from 27 to 30 April 2017.

Drawing, painting and machine embroidery on silk. Painted wooden frame.
Made for the 62 Group exhibition, Making Space, at Macclesfield Silk Museum from 18.05.16 to 03.09.16. Then touring to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at the Royal […]

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Paddy Killer Greetings Cards

Buy Paddy Killer’s Greetings Cards for the festive season.

£12.00 Free shipping

christmas cards

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exhibition faces, figures, & fabrics ends friday

Faces, Figures, & Fabrics, Paddy Killer’s exhibition at Newcastle Arts Centre, ends on Friday, so very little time to get down there. Hope you manage/managed to get to see it.
All the exhibits are for sale. Also for sale are Greetings Cards & packs of Paddy’s postcards.
This is the article by David Whetstone in the Newcastle Chronicle 

PADDY’S STATEMENT from the exhibition
Paddy Killer has been […]

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faces, figures & fabrics exhibition

faces, figures & fabrics, my next solo exhibition, will be at Newcastle Arts Centre from 07.10.16 to 04.11.16. The work is for sale, a perfect time to buy a Christmas present for someone special. Packs of my greeting cards are available in the Cratftshop, as well as postcards of my work.


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62 Group exhibition – Making Space

The Brit and the Great Bear, has been selected for the 62 Group exhibition Making Space at Macclesfield Silk Museum.
Drawing, painting and machine embroidery on silk. Painted wooden frame

The Atlas Coelestis from the observations at Greenwich by the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed (1646-1719), was published posthumously in 1729. It depicts the constellations as was […]

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Paddy Killer Workshop at Macclesfield Silk Museum

I am leading a workshop with the 62 Group Summer Exhibition, Making Space, at Macclesfield Silk Museum.

Date: 16.07.2016
Title: My Life in Silk

I have been using silk as my main medium since the late 80s, incorporating it with other textiles and non-textile materials such as glass, and wood. In this textile workshop I will explain what has informed […]

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